Fic rec: "D:" by leupagus, rageprufrock
nymphadora tonks

Title: D:
Authors: leupagus, rageprufrock
Fandom: Star Trek RPF
Ship fic? Yes, M/M
Rating: Teen and up
Authors' notes:

Inspired by both Chris Pine's douchetastic Cosmo Interview (in which he advises prospective girlfriends to admire the size of his penis by saying things like "Baby, I don't have three hands!") and Zachary Quinto's dorktastic photos of himself actually having three hands (... for some Heroes episode? [we really hope so, anyway -- pru]), this fic was created in fits of combined drunkness, insomnia, and work-related psychosis. Anyone who makes a comment along the lines of "but that interview didn't come out until such-and-such a date!" or "Zach didn't wear those awful hats until after the end of the shoot!" will be killed. [aaaaand here you can see the difference between leupagus and me: she actually has notes and disclaimers and shit. -- pru]

Authors' pull quote:

"Oh my God, this shit has developed a narrative thread," Chris marvels.

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