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A Modest Proposal (no cannibalism in this one, sorry)
nymphadora tonks
So what do you think of polyamorous relationships?

Specifically, me in one?

I have a crush on this guy but he's dating this girl but they're not exclusive and so we still have sex sometimes. I want to propose a triad, see how it works. Plus, Marina is a cool name and I'd like to meet her. Also she is bi, so that makes a difference.

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i've been following a poly forum for a while and its kind of a good idea.

You should probably make friends with her first and see how she feels about it or even if you guys get along. Some people (or I should say a lot of people) don't really agree with poly relationships.

Thanks for the link! It's helpful.

I'm having a go at making friends with her - I invited her to go to the Brooklyn Museum with me and some other people next weekend. So that should be fun, if all goes well. I'll bring up the poly thing eventually, but I don't want to scare her off. At least she's cool with trans stuff according to her okcupid profile!

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